Hyundai Learning Center is an institution that has educated human resources for the corporate world for more than 40 years. It provides optimal group and online curricula, while working together with its partner companies to identify current issues and provide HRD Solution

컨설팅 이미지
Providing consultation to establish customized HRD strategies
Providing education in line with consultation
Developing programs and environments
컨텐츠 이미지
Education programs suitable for education systems and demand (assessment)
Support for each partner company to develop
and operate its own work-related content
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Customized operating system for partner companies and indivisual learners
Smart caring service to support leaner-oriented education
and efficient management at the same time
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Total learning system by integrating online and offline learning
Establishing HRD systems optimized for customer HRD strategies and demand
Group Education

The group education of Hyundai Learning Center provides various programs such as Leadership, Onboarding and Organizational Culture to help individuals enhance their capability required to successfully perform tasks in the organization.​

리더십 아이콘


To enhance leadership abilities according to individual levels considering position and
number of years employed (team leader/ middle manager / self-leadership)

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신입/경력사원 아이콘


To help employees adapt to the organization quickly using various media before, during, and after learning
(organization development / common scope of duties / relationship)

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조직 문화 아이콘

Organizational Culture

To vitalize organization by helping participants voluntarily come up with visions for the organization based on understating of the organization and communication among different generations and departments

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Online Education

CyLearn, e-learning service of Hyundai Research Institute, provides updated HRD services with an e-HRD Total Service based on the corporate management environment and HRD demand. Consider Your Learning

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Specialized Online Education Service

CyLearn offers unique education services equipped with various courses.

주거복지사 자격교육 이미지
Housing Welfare Worker

Prerequisite course to apply for certified private qualification (No. 2016-2, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) administrated by the Korean Housing Association. This is to educate professionals who provide housing welfare services.

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제약 MR인증 교육 이미지
Pharmaceutical Medical Representative (MR) Certification

Prerequisite course to apply for registered private qualification (2014-2105, Ministry of Health and Welfare) administrated by the Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharma Manufacturers Association. This is to educate salespeople of pharmaceutical companies so they can become medical representatives and professionals in charge of medical information.

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경비원 직무교육 이미지
Security Guard Duties

We have provided online education for security guards, required by the Korean National Police Agency since 2015, by developing a practical curriculum annually ranging from laws to patrol and building maintenance.

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독서경영지도자 이미지
Reading Operation Instructor

Course needed to apply for registered private qualification (2019-6274, Ministry of Education) by Hyundai Research Institution, providing a wide range of programs from reading education theory to coaching and practical knowledge useful to have proper reading habits on work sites to operate in organization.

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